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The Robots Are Coming . . .

If you aren’t too familiar with the growing importance of robotics in everyday life, check out ABC News’s article on the ten up-and-coming robots.

If they ever make a robot specifically designed to clean bathtubs, I’ll be the first in line to buy one.


Dancing with the Androids

Welcome to Robot Dance Mob!   This is a place for robot enthusiasts and newbies to get the latest info and news on the use of robots in our rapidly changing society.

Out here in Internet World, there are many, many extremely interesting and mind-blowing blogs on robots.  Most of them deal with the hard science of robots.  I am decidedly not a scientist, and I could never explain the nuts and bolts of robotics with any kind of scientific acumen or scholarly authority.  Though I find the technical details highly fascinating, I’ve created this blog mainly for enthusiasts who enjoy robots in science fiction and like learning about robotic machinery, techie gadgets, and fun toys and trinkets. This blog will also interest those who ponder the sociological, political, religious, and moral issues of robots in various areas of society, including military, education, assistive technology, healthcare, and household management.

One of my favorite topics is robots in entertainment; the current slew of robot-themed books, TV shows, and movies will come up in many posts here.

You might be wondering about the name of this blog.  I go into more detail on the “About Me” page, but I’ll just give a short answer here.  Some day, robots will dance among us.  They will win contests and talent shows with their amazing moves.  And they will look extremely cool doing it.

About this blog

Get interesting tidbits on fictional robots; robotics in education and healthcare; fighting machines; robot books, toys, and trinkets; dancing androids; and all the other robots in-between.

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