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Mega-Cool Robot Video Roundup, 6-06-11

Here are some cool robot videos from the past week or so:

A musician and robot collaborate:

Scientists are working on a tiny robot that could be injected into the eye to administer drugs or do minor operations. Check out this video on Reuters’ site.

A robot serves food in a Bangkok restaurant. It shows off fantabulous dance moves, too! Great entertainment for customers. I’d actually probably get up and dance with it:

Artists at Dassault Systèmes created a 3D reconstruction of the Djedi Robot’s ventures into the tight spaces and tunnels of the Great Pyramid of Khufu in Egypt. While exploring, the robot captured photos of previously undiscovered hieroglyphs. According to Dassault Systèmes’ blog post, one of those tunnels is as small as 20 cm by 20 cm. Hope the little guy wasn’t too claustrophobic.

This is another magnificent example of how scientists and explorers are using leading edge technology to learn more about the past . . . and the ancient past at that. For more information on this project, read Dassault Systèmes’ blog

Custom Entertainment Solutions has the coolest animatronics! Besides the fact that they’re fully functional and can be used in various practical applications, these robots are amazing, beautiful pieces of art.

Here’s a video of an underskull:

Be sure to check out the company’s photo gallery. The tall, alien insect robot—how cool is he?


Mega-Cool Robot Video Roundup, 5-28-11

Here are the coolest robot videos from the past week or so:

A robot’s skeletal set of fingers plays piano and pours a glass of water (from NTB Interstate University of Applied Sciences of Technology, Switzerland):

Nao robots dance the Macarena:

The PARO Robot Seal oozes ultimate cuteness at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago:

A robot reads indoor signs (from the GRASP Lab, University of Pennsylvania); this one’s actually from a few weeks ago:

Robots take over the Smithsonian:

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