I’m a writer and editor of educational content for a distance education high school. I’m also a grad student studying instructional technology. Occasionally, I work on freelance writing and editing projects. My friends and family often call on me to write things for them–-letters, resumes, marketing material–-and I do it hoping they’ll give me gift cards or fruit baskets.

I suppose my fascination with robots began many years ago when I spent a week helping my mom create my little brother’s robot costume for Halloween. I remember using all the necessities for an authentic robot rendering: cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, big fat coat buttons, and silver paint. I remember my brother looking so cute. I remember feeling sad that I had no robot friends.

Now, because I work and study in the education field, I’m very much interested in robots as teaching and assistive tools. My goal is to learn more about how robotics can foster STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education in K-12 learning environments, teamwork, social skills, and assistive technology.

Final note: Being hooked on robots has led me to write them into a story. Currently, I’m working on a young adult novel about a future America in a second civil war; at this time, androids are secretly living among us. One of the androids in my story, Vincent, inspired the name for this blog. Vincent loves to dance in the loud, dim, electrifying warehouses of the city amidst the chaotic crush of other, human dancers. He’s ultra smooth and liquid and dashing when he moves.  But you’ll never see him pop and lock it (what humans often call the “robot dance”)—because that would be awfully insulting to dancing androids everywhere.

-S.R. Samuel

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Get interesting tidbits on fictional robots; robotics in education and healthcare; fighting machines; robot books, toys, and trinkets; dancing androids; and all the other robots in-between.

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